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November 13-15 Drubcho Wrathful Gesar online - Zoom conference under the leadership of Dungse Lhuntrul Dechen Gyurme Rinpoche, accompanied by 21 monks.


By the recommendation of our Precious Teachers, Drubcho Wrathful Gesar should be held in Moscow annually. Unfortunately, this year the visit of the Teachers has been canceled.

In this regard, it was decided to conduct Drubcho and other teachings online (details on other events will be later).

We invite precious Sangha to join the Practice at the Gompa Ripa Center (Moscow, Russia). The projector and screen will be prepared and the sound will be adjusted. Please be extremely careful with yourself and others, before visiting the Ripa Center, make sure that you are feeling well. You can also join Drubcho from home. The link will be sent to all registered and paid participants the day before of the event.

Wrathful Gesar is Guru Rinpoche wisdom manifestation dance. Gesar can manifest differently according to the needs of sentient beings. His wrathful form is Gesar Drakpo which manifest as wrathful compassion to tame and conquer obstructive forces and negative energies. It is a powerful practice for clearing away outer, inner and secret obstacles. While practicing it we can face his energy manifestations in this live. And all the qualities of this great king such as glory, dignify and invincibility pour upon us until until we reach the Mind of Gesar - Mind of absolute wisdom and compassion.

Wrathful form is considered as the most secret one. The participation in Drubcho provide a lot of benefit and blessings to the participants as well as to all sentient beings

Dates: November 13-15


8: 00-10: 00 - first session

11:00 -13:00 - second session

14:00 - 15:30 - third session

Daily Tsog Offering.

Please check you time zone: https://www.thetimezoneconverter.com/

You will need the following texts:

Text Drubcho the Wrathful Gesar

Sadhana Gesar Dorje Tsogyal

Text Lha Sang and Rivo Sangcho (The Last Day)

The texts will be available electronically on November 12. To receive the text, please write to Maria Kulenkova by e-mail: kulenkova.m.i@gmail.com

Also, for all questions Drubcho can contact Carlo Tomassi by e-mail: carlo.tomassi@nordnet.fr

The terms of participation:

Buddhist Refuge


Wrathful Gesar Wang

On November 12, at 11:30 Moscow time, Lung's broadcast to Drubcho's texts will begin on Zoom. The oral transmission will be given by Luntrul Rinpoche.

The broadcast will also be recorded. The record will be sent to all registrants. Each participant must listen to the Lung recording before the start of Drubcho.


Distance participation in Drubcho:

In case you cannot personally participate in Drubcho, there is the possibility of remote participation: lists of remote participants will be read aloud in one of Drubcho's sessions in front of Rinpoche and the entire assembly of practitioners. Thus, it is believed that those whose names are read are also included in the number of participants by the power of the compassionate mind of the Vajra Master leading Drubcho. In addition to individuals (relatives and friends), you can also include a legal entity, a company. 

The remote participation form will be available until November 12 inclusive. You can make any offering.

All names and titles must be written in LATIN LETTERS.


The registration is open until 11 pm (Moscow time) November 12, 2020

Sponsor: 6000 ₽
Standart participant: 4000 ₽
Место проведения:
Venue: online
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